A Synopsis of the Best in Design Categories & Awards


Designers have a lot to give to the world through painting, jewelry, photography, digital, mixed media, sculpture just to name a few. What better way to look at what design has to offer, than to look at the most prestigious awards in each design category. Awards are offered to the best in each design category based on authenticity and merit. For example; The Academy Awards are for film while the Grammy Awards are for music.

Jewelry category unveils the numerous designs in necklaces, anklets, earrings, bracelets, rings among other types of jewelry. The Saul Bell Award Competition is held annually and is meant for recognizing distinction in jewelry design. It challenges jewelers to reach greater heights in skills and knowledge as well as career defining moments that give them worldwide recognition.

Painting is an amazing piece of art that has led many designers to scoop awards globally. The Art of Watercolour Awards recognizes world’s best wartercolourist. It also offers painting designers an opportunity to have their work published in leading magazines providing them with the chance to receive offers to exhibit in the top shows worldwide. This Award challenges painting designers to push beyond their boundaries in creativity and originality.

Designing starts at a very young age. High school students have numerous award winning competitions that showcase their work in painting, sculpture, drawing, video and architecture. The prices to be won are many for example scholarships. International photography award is for any photographer across the world. The winners in these awards are invited to attend the Lucie awards. RotoArt contest is held twice every year. It is a global competition which accepts visual art entries on any theme in any media except photography. The winning art in this competition is exhibited in Hamilton and New Zealand, where it is available for sale with proceeds going to artists.

AICUO Awards for excellence in visual arts is a competition for sculpture designer students from the art programs at independent colleges and universities in every part of Ohio. Quarelli Art Park has for the first time presented Quarelli Art Awards for sculpture designers below the age of 45 held in 2016. The prizes offered to the winners in this award gives sculpture designers a chance to have their work featured inside the collective themed exhibition known as transitory people. At the end of the exhibit, winning work is selected and becomes part of Quarelli Art collection.

The various awards given to different designers motivate young artist to be better at what they do. It provides the world with a view in artistry that makes people receptive to new ideas and young designers. High school awards give courage to Students studying art that design is a career like any other and can open doors to great defining moments at an early age.